Monday, May 10, 2010

Garden, Mother's day and UVA visit

It's been a busy week outside! We've gotten a lot of projects completed mostly thanks to mom and dad and their help both with the projects and with kid wrangling! The square foot garden beds are done and filled (finished that today!), the area out back under the trees is done and mulched (and wow what a difference it makes!), and best of all-the plants are no longer on the freezer! I even moved the blueberry bush into a bigger pot and outside (and gave it acidic food per instructions!). We're getting a few strawberries here and there and the lettuce is really going well (in the flower bed). The peas and beans are popping up (how cute is that!) and I have tiny lettuce and spinach and basil in the square foot garden. I have a 4x4 square foot that has: lettuce, basil, peas, spinach, thyme, beans, strawberries, yellow squash, zucchini,

Then the 8x4 has:

tomatoes-16 Roma, 2 cherry, 2 slicing, squash plants (the 4x4 has squash seeds), cantaloupe, rosemary, sage, cucumbers (salad and pickling), watermelon. I grew the Roma's from seed and they don't look anything like the plants I got from the greenhouse. I'll be interested in seeing how they compare.

Anyways, those beds were my mother's day wish and I am sooooo happy to have them done! Wesley has decreed that dirt ISN'T cheap! At least compost, peat moss and special dirt with moisture beads isn't! But this is the only year we'll have to do that (for these beds-I can totally see adding another bed next year! Wesley was also able to get the camper cleared out for our upcoming trip on Wed to Eden NC and a trip to the dump and got mulch!

Mother's day was a nice day. Not a whole lot different but still nice. We had lunch with the Furr's-mmm Furr BBQ and then grandma over for supper. We did grilled chicken and grilled asparagus wrapped in bacon-YUM, rice and salad and brownie pudding. I also did a bunch of housework and the week's laundry (after realizing that this week is going to go really quickly with working 2 12 hour night shifts and a trip to UVA!

Today Mary had a 8:50 apt with the plastic surgeon and an 11:00 with the physical therapist (Leslie). The plastic surgeon gave me some tips to try to work on the area on her neck and was very happy over all. She came away with a handful of tinkerbell stickers from him. Leslie was ecstatic over how well her burns were "settling in" and thought her neck looked better than she thought it would-she did not recommend a compression neckpeice and further thought that we might be looking at just a year in her shirt and not 2! She gave us 2 bottles of elta sunscreen and 2 tubes of elta. We also squeezed in a quick trip to Toys R Us and a nice lunch at a local pizza place. AND Mary went poopy on the potty TWICE today!

Tonight I'm working on peds (7p-7a) and tomorrow night I'm working as coordinator (7p-7a) and then we'll leave some time Wed early afternoon to head to Eden for the argus gathering.

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