Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Big Kids Camping

This past weekend we went to the annual Argus collectors group gathering. We've gone every year forever it seems-since before Robert was born. It basically works that Wesley goes to the sessions and the kids and I camp with Roger and Peggy and join the group for occasional meals and for the photo shoot outing. This year was the best year ever. Last year with a 1 year old and a 3 year old was terrible-as was the previous year with a 2 year old and a newborn. But this year was much better. They slept better, they listened better, Robert played leapster, Mary played baby dolls. They played on the playground but also were happy to just hang out some too. MUCH BETTER. I actually read several books on the kindle while they played or watched DVD's on the portable DVD player. It does kinda feel like cheating when you camp with electric-A/C, DVD player, kindle that can be used for internet since we had cell service. One hot afternoon we got ice cream bars from the store and then had a water gun fight. (LOL, Robert got in trouble yesterday at school for turning something into a gun-oops!). We left Wed after I got up (I worked night shift the night before)-about 2 pm and came back Sun eve. We had a great dog/house sitter which made coming home so easy-Snoopy was fed, medicated and here waiting for us!

Monday and Tuesday I got up early to hit the gym before work. Monday I taught new employee orientation and then helped with IV therapy for a while. Tuesday I had new hospital orientation which was really fascinating. I am SO excited about the new hospital! So today is my first day home alone with the kids in a long time. I had worked full time the week before last, then they were at school mon-tues-wed until we picked them up before we left, then we were camping... then I went straight back to work. I'm off today and tomorrow and then work fri/sat/sun. I'll prob have 38 hours this week. This afternoon I still need to go to the gym and get groceries.

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