Thursday, March 18, 2010

Make a wish...

I think Wesley and I are thoroughly D.O.N.E with kid b-day parties! We had the final one tonight (Mary's b-day) and after we had finished singing and she had blown out her candle she made us sing again! We got her some necklaces/bracelets as well as a snap n style baby (that I've had since Nov!). We had pizza and pink cake with the valentine's day sprinkles. She had a great time. Robert got a magnifying bug catcher complete with a fake spider from Roger and Peggy ("fider, fider" to quote Mary). It's gruesome, really and Robert LOVES it. The kids had been at Denee's all day and they spent most of it outside and by bedtime they were exhausted.

Speaking of Robert and bugs, he found a worm ("snake") in the sandbox this week and carried it around for a long time. He wanted to take it inside "to live" which I vetoed. So he talked to it and crooned "nice wormy, aren't you such a nice wormy, such a cute wormy" and passed it to Mary and then to me... oh my. Life with a boy!

Granny died this week and it's been sad. The family night is Sat and the funeral Monday. And Snoopy threw up 5 times in 3 days which has been hard. But things are looking a little better. We're going out of town next weekend which will be good-I think after everything that has happened the last few months we really need a chance to reconnect and rejuvenate.

Then the kids start at Kidzone daycare in April (6th). Robert really needs preschool and this is the only solution that I could come up with that works my schedule!

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Marielle said...

Happy Birthday to your little ones! Robert's love of worms - totally agree with your veto there. Mine are the same way LOL.

I'm sorry for the loss of your loved one. You guys definitely deserve some time away.