Sunday, September 13, 2009



Oh my big boy! He is getting so big. It's been a crazy week with lots of time at the doctor (Robert had pneumonia Wed and then they both had rechecks on Friday and Mary still had hear ear infection from last week so she's on a new abx).

Robert totally cracks me up. He's starting to say "sure". If I ask him to go potty, help me with x y z he pipes up with "sure!" or "ohhhhh kay". Today he helped me move a ton of canning jars from the trooper to the lawn and then from the lawn to the crawl space and helped Wesley wash the old camper. "I put the camper in the bath". lol. I wonder how big of a bathtub it would take to wash a camper.

Robert did well picking up toys and listening-for the most part. I hear he didn't nap (I sure did-I slept great!). We're still working on whining and he melts down pretty easily especially if he is hungry or tired.

The weekend at work was really good. And then today I got groceries, slept a few hours, went to the dentist and came home and worked on laundry and housework

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