Friday, March 23, 2007

Going away!

I can't beleive it, we're leaving Robert for almost 48 hours :( Surely there is a law against this? In one way I'm super excited about sleeping in, hanging out, not lugging a baby in and out of a carseat, eating a whole meal without cutting up someone elses, in another way I know I'll miss him like crazy. And I can't believe all the stuff I "have" to send with him. Good night, it's like moving! Clif and Hollie are keeping him for us. Sounds like they're excited too. Robert is defintely a little boy now. He walks great and is getting really fast (yikes, is running around the corner?), he can eat as much as me (a whole grilled cheese!), and he's so darn cute. His latest antics are:
1) If you're in the bathroom with the door shut he'll get down on the floor and lay his head down and peep at you
2) If you have something he wants he goes "mmm, mmm, mmm like Snoopy does, sounds like puppy whining. Cas in point, I was rocking him to sleep and Wesley walked in the living room with a peices of his (Wesley's) b-day cake. Robert took one look at the cake, slid off my lap (he's learned to flip himself and go down feet first!) bee lined to Wesley and started doing the puppy noises and reaching for the plate.
3) He can climb stairs (crawling that is_
4) learning to climb stuff. Today I cought him actually trying to climb into the refrigerator! This is after he spent a few minutes turning the light on and off in the fridge!
5) Pulling stuff off: in the backpack, from the floor it doesn't matter. He can reach further than he should be able to considering his height and length of his arms. Must be octopus arms. He can get stuff off the table that is suitably in and stuff off shelves at the grocery store if he's in the backpack. Today he's been clingly and wanting to be held and I've been trying to pack etc so I put him in the backpack. He grabbed the little stuffed monkey I was going to pack for him and held onto it for about an hour while he was in the backpack. It was cute.

Well, he's awake now so I'd beter get! We'll be back Sunday! And I PROMISE I'll do pictures for Feb and add some for the blog and everything. Oh and the new babysitter is working out great.

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