Thursday, March 29, 2007

crazy and sick!

I was originally going to blog on how crazy Robert was last night. We had been playing on the floor while Wesley was playing with his new toy (the slide scanner with the auto slide feeder-cool stuff!), then I was sitting on the sofa and pulled Robert up there to play. He figured out how to climb onto the arm and hold onto the wood and slide feet first into the office area (bypassing the gate). He thinks he's cool stuff! We had a good time together. He had taken an morning nap yesterday which I thought was a little unusual, but he was wide open all day. Last evening I thought he felt warm but he was acting normal so I didn't think much about it. Well, he cried on and off through the night (he does sometimes when he's teething) and at 4:30 was really restless and HOT. Sure enough he had a fever so I gave him motrin, changed his PJ's for a cooler pair and rocked him to sleep. About 30 min later he was awake and so I brought him to bed with me since he seemed to want to cuddle-very unusual for him. He was up for a couple hours today and ate some. His temp was 102 and he went back to sleep after being up for about an hour or so. Poor guy. He's been extra cuddly though and we watched the girl in the cafe-wow. I've been trying to watch it for weeks now-but haven't had much luck with the DVD player, but today it cooperated and I'm blown away. Great reccomendation Aunt Martelle! Well, that's about all here, I'm going to try to get Feb and March pics up on the website now!

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