Friday, September 28, 2007


Robert has really taken off talking recently! Not just animal noises (of which he has lots) but words and he seems to learn several new words each day. I still haven't managed to get him to say "love you!" which I have been working on for a while but he comes up with new stuff all the time-barn, Roo-dy (Wes' parents pug Rudy-Wes' mom taught him that one), bark (tree bark), "sna" (snack). And of course "more" is something I hear all the time as well as "out", "down", "up", "go", "play", "mow" "hot" (accompanied with blowing on food!) and the all popular "shoes" (a broad hint that he wants to go outside!). Thankfully "no" is still pretty rare but I'm sure it's coming! I'll see him "reading" his books (in the off minutes when he isn't chasing after us with a book "read, read?") and pointing out all the pictures of the things he knows (meow, ball, dog, barn, moon, bird). He even picks up my books and points out the "neigh" if there is a horse on the cover etc. And then he looks through them and is confused by the lack of pictures. Today he opened one and said "read"! I wasn't sure where to start with the book! It was a Madeline L'Engle so a young adult book but still!

Speaking of chasing us down with books its becoming almost funny, or it would if it weren't never ending. The minute an adult walks in the room he runs and grabs a book and comes flying towards you. This morning I came out of the 1/2 bath to find Robert standing outside of the main bath waiting for Wesley to come out and patiently holding a book! He had already brought me one while I was still in bed and I had to call Wesley to get my glasses so I could figure out the pictures! Definitely a bookworm. Wesley gets greeted with one when he gets home (Robert starts saying Dada about 5 pm so till he gets home at 5:45 or so he's ready for him!). Tuesday night we were at Wes' grandma and he grabbed a book (the first was a plant guide and the second a bird guide) and told he to "read" and backed into her chair for her to pick him up and read!

It's been good to finally feel that I have enough energy to deal with him again and now that I'm not working as much enough time to do something besides work and sleep and keep the house from imploding! Yesterday I was able to go to a mom's meeting-a group of Christian mothers who meet twice a month. It was wonderful. The kids are cared for in the nursery (they break them down into ages), there's food and worship, and yesterday there was a great speaker. Apparently they alternate between craft type stuff and speakers. Plus just a lot of get to know you time etc. I felt so refreshed and validated as a mom. It was so nice!

Well, I'm going to lie down since Robert is!

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